On September 3rd, 2019, upon learning of the devastation in the Bahamas caused by Hurricane Dorian, Sunstate Bank and its employees began relief efforts for the people of the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian was the most powerful hurricane historically to strike the Bahamas.

Dorian struck the Islands on September 1, 2019 stalling just north of the territory for 48 hours.  Damages to the island were catastrophic.  Running to the aid of the Bahamas, Sunstate Bank partnered with The World Central Kitchen (WCK), a non-for-profit organization established to created smart solutions to help address hunger and poverty.  Last year World Central Kitchen activated in response to 13 disasters, some of them natural and some man-made. The World Central Kitchen mission is to fight to feed the hungry. 

Sunstate Bank employees joining relief efforts for the people of the Bahamas

Thus, began a week-long friendly competition between the three branches to raise the most amount of money for WCK.  Management raised the stakes by stating they would match all contributions and included a lunch prize to the winning branch.  Branch Managers provided daily updates to compare which branch was in the lead.  Excitement and awareness were so high that it trickled up to our customers, many of whom also contributed.  In the end the three branches alone raised $1,825 and funds were matched at 100%.  The total donation was incredible; however, the bank’s CEO, Lloyd DeVaux thought rounding up to the next thousand would make for a better contribution.  The bank’s final donation to WCK was $4,000.00!!  Simultaneously, the branches began collecting relief supplies for the people of the Bahamas.  Sunstate Bank collected enough supplied to fill an entire SUV; which were taken to the local fire department.

Giving back to the community and coming to the aid of those affected by natural disasters is something that is in our mission, and moves us as an institution. Together we can attain incredible results.