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Loans to Non-US Residents

International Premier


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Special mortgage program for foreign customers

Sunstate Bank offers a mortgage program for foreign customers who are interested in purchasing primary and secondary homes and residential investment properties in the USA. We also finance commercial real estate properties for foreigners.

We will guide you through the credit approval process and loan closing, as well as establish accounts for you to facilitate loan payments, association fees, and other expenses through automatic debit.

What You'll Need

Our professional lenders have considerable experience in structuring and closing complex real estate transactions. Please call us at 305-567-0600 or email

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NMLS #435181

  • Full details of the property that you want to finance
  • Copies of two acceptable forms of identification; for example, Cedula, passport, and US Visa
  • A brief, verifiable biographical description that explains your source of funds and current economic activity
  • Completion of our loan application
  • A current personal financial statement
  • Tax return for each of the last two years
  • Copies of bank or investment house statements verifying satisfactory levels of liquidity
  • Subject to Credit Approval.