Happy Holidays from Sunstate Bank! ✨ Sunstate Bank has been a part of the Dade Partners program since 1999. This program is designed to bring together business leaders and government officials of every level, and all other segments of our community that have a vital interest in continuation of a viable school system. Through Dade Partners, Sunstate Bank promotes economic development in this community. It improves the quality of our work force and builds a sense of pride amongst the local students by providing for greater opportunities for advanced education. Sunstate Bank has adopted all of the local public schools in their area and encourages the local talent and creativity through their annual Holiday Card design contest. Congratulations to our cover artist winner, Ashline V., and special recognition also goes to Aliza N., Sophia L., and Nathalie M. for their art submissions. Thank you @southwoodsuperstars 👩‍🎨


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