Sunstate Bank is a proud donor to the AAA Scholarship Foundation (AAA).  AAA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and state approved Scholarship Funding Organization administering the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. Initial recipients of these K-12 educational scholarships are low-income families seeking economic assistance to send their children to the educational setting that best suits their learning needs. Over 56 percent of AAA Scholarships are distributed to children at or below 185 percent of poverty.

On October 24th, Sunstate Bank's President/CEO, Lloyd DeVaux, and EVP/COO, Yvonne Debesa, presented their annual contribution to Kerri Vaughan, managing director of AAA, and Ambria T., mother of three scholarship recipients.  Prior to receiving the scholarships, the girls were struggling in their neighborhood schools. “Receiving scholarships from the AAA Scholarship Foundation was the best gift my family could have received,” shared Ambria, adding “now all three girls are on the honor roll at local private schools and my oldest became valedictorian of her 8th grade class and was inducted into the honor roll society.”